Quotes and Policies – during the worst oil price crash in history

Hey Everyone. We are still going strong writing new policies and saving money for the contractors that are currently working. Here is another sample of what we have been up to, besides having fun, at our office in Lacombe. Please give as a call or send an e-mail for an oilfield insurance quote. | … Read more

Castrol Raceway – Hot August Night 2016

I left the office a little early on Thursday to catch the ‘Hot August Night’ drag races at the Castrol Raceway.  It was a ton of fun and we saw some really interesting units!  Thanks to the @castrolraceway for putting on a great show.  Here are some of my best pictures before it got too … Read more

Canada Day 2016

Happy Canada Day Everyone!  This great country of ours is 149 years young.  And we are celebrating our Second year in business at  Have a great long weekend ya Hosers; stay safe, and Don’t Drink and Drive.  

We Insure That: B-Pressure Welding Contractors

Good News for experience and hard working B-Pressure and Oilfield Welders in Alberta. We have options for your welding liability and are ready to work hard to earn your business. It’s easy to work with us and we hope you’ll consider referring our office. | 403-318-9325 Times are tough right now and every bit … Read more

Quotes and Polices Keep on coming

Thanks again to all my clients and future clients who asked for a quote and were pleasantly surprised by how easy and efficient we make it to deal with our firm.  We know times are tough in the oilfield and for those that are making it work, they will come out stronger. | 403-318-9325 … Read more

We insure that: Oilfield and Contractors Equipment

At we pride ourselves on staying abreast on the current coverage for Oilfield and Contractors Equipment.  We can provide coverage for all types and classes of equipment.  Big or small we can insured it all.  If you’re interested or would like the following coverage: downtime, low deductibles, loss of income and full replacement cost; … Read more

Quotes and Policies

We are still in business at!  We are ready and willing to help you get the best coverage and have a great customer experience. Try us and you’ll be surprised what we can do.  We may be based in Lacombe, AB; but our reach is growing, thanks to you our customers and clients!  We … Read more

We Insure That: Lift Kits and Rig Trucks

We know what it takes to get your truck to the patch and back home again.  Does your current provider?  Have your lift kit, suspension, tires and rims covered with added protection from our exclusive insurance providers.  We can also provide higher limits for loss of use, claims forgiveness, and waiver of depreciation for new … Read more

More Quotes and Policies

I still can’t believe the over whelming response from you guys asking for quotes on your businesses and vehicles.  I truly appreciate the opportunity and want to thank everyone for making our First year a great success.  To see your operations on this list give me a call and make the switch. | 403-318-9325 … Read more

We Insure That: Battery Operators is pleased to announce yet another partnership with one of our oilfield insurance companies. We now have the ability to quote and bind experienced battery operators on a new package with greatly enhanced coverage. We are able to provide instant quotes on basic wellhead and general liability insurance of up to $5,000,000. Other enhancements … Read more