We Insure That: B-Pressure Welding Contractors


Good News for experience and hard working B-Pressure and Oilfield Welders in Alberta. We have options for your welding liability and are ready to work hard to earn your business. It’s easy to work with us and we hope you’ll consider referring our office. quotes@wellheadinsurance.ca | 403-318-9325

Times are tough right now and every bit helps. That’s why we promoting this package. Sounds like grandma was right all along “that a penny saved is a penny earned”. If you looking for an experienced insurance professional that knows welders: lets talk!

The coverage is built for the small contracting company but can accommodate the welding shops too.

Highlight Limits Include
$2MM and $5MM General Liability and Wellhead Insurance options
Products and Completed Operations – follow each occurrence
Standard Non-Owned Auto
Forest Fire Fighting $1MM
Employee Benefits $1MM

Call to see if you qualify, prices starts at $1650 and up.