Quotes we’ve done

Another sampling of quotes and policies we at have been asked to do.  These lists are not exclusive and we have the capacity for more. Line Locator with 2012 Ford F250 Site Supervisor Boiler Service with 3rd class steam ticket Centrifuge Technican and repair – no oilfield experience Gas Plant operator – x2 Battery … Read more

We insure that: Sleds

If you use a sled for work we can insure it.  Factory and dealer installed turbos are ok too, up to 1100cc.  We can even add the sled deck.

Great Question: Tools

C.K. from Sherwood Park, AB, asks “Are my tools covered under the truck policy; what about my laptop or safety gear?” Great questions CK and thanks for asking.  The simple answer is No; you need a separate policy to cover your tools and work gear.  Even if they are locked and hidden out of sight … Read more

More Wellhead Insurance Quotes

Thanks again to everyone who has called and e-mailed about getting a quote for oilfield insurance and wellhead insurance! The response has been great! Drilling Rig consultant (X3) Site Supervisor – pipeline construction Welder with b-pressure ticket – new pipeline construction and SAGD work (X2) Site Supervisor – SAGD Frac-Sand Hauler – owner operator; 2008 … Read more

Quotes we’ve done!

Hi, Here is a short list of some of the quotes and policies we have written, thanks for the support: Directional drilling consultant Gas plant operator Top drive mechanic with a 1997 FL 70 picker truck Pipeline construction supervisor and foreman Offshore drilling rig consultant; including kidnap and ransom insurance Hydrovac service company with 3 … Read more

Choice Chance Control ft. Kramer

I thought you guys might enjoy this short video “Choice Chance Control”. It was the first training film I watched about the insurance industry. I’m sure it was filmed in the late 80’s and its still Hilarious. It stars Kramer from Seinfeld, and as a Seinfeld fan, I could tell its Kramer being Kramer! It … Read more

Big News in Insurance

We’re very excited to announce! Making insurance easy. Contact us today for a quote on insurance.