Cross Border Insurance: Oil and Gas


Our Cross Border Insurance solution at is second to none, and provides best in class service to Canadian based clients with American exposures.  Have all your Canadian and U.S.A. insurance handled by a local Canadian broker (ME) and specialized cross border team.  We can provide seamless service and coverage that aligns with your business and insurance needs.

Available Cross Border Coverage

  • Commercial Property
  • General Liability (excess and umbrella)
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Automobile – light and heavy commercial
  • Workers’ Comp (certain risks only)

Policy features include the following benefits

  • Master-Policy approach with Difference in Conditions and Difference in Limits
  • U.S. coverage that mirrors the Canadian coverage, as close as possible
  • Broad Coverage, More Options and is available in all U.S. states.
  • Dedicated Canadian team of insurance experts; Broker, Underwriter and Claims Adjuster
  • Access to preferred, wholly owned agency that is licensed in all 50 states

Currently, we are focusing on low to medium hazard Oil and Gas risks, but our appetite is ever growing and expanding.  Multiple classes in the oil and gas servicing and contracting sector can be considered. Below are examples of what we are looking for, although it is not an exhaustive list.  Try us for all your cross border insurance solutions.  Contact us today for your cross border insurance solutions | 403-318-9325


  • Equipment
  • Water (potable)
  • Pipe
  • Heavy and Construction Equipment

Site Maintenance

  • Snow Removal
  • Grass Cutting and Hydro-seeding
  • Weed Control & Spraying; vegetation management
  • Site Prep

Seismic Exploration

  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Landmen and Brokers

Consultants – hands off / supervising

  • Oilfield Consultants
  • Drilling Consultants
  • Well testing
  • Well Logging
  • Measured While Drilling (MWD)


  • Oilfield lease road
  • General earth moving
  • Oilfield excavation for lease sites (no pipeline)