Quotes and Polices Keep on coming

Thanks again to all my clients and future clients who asked for a quote and were pleasantly surprised by how easy and efficient we make it to deal with our firm.  We know times are tough in the oilfield and for those that are making it work, they will come out stronger. darren@simsinsurance.ca | 403-318-9325

We have provided oilfield insurance to the following risks:

Heavy Equipment Operator – drilling site

Lease site maintenance and snow removal – incl 2014 Ford F250

Structural Welder for Drilling Rigs – incl 2015 Welding Truck

Drilling Supervisor and Consultant

Tong Truck Operator – incl 2006 International

Oilfield Millwright – incl 2006 Ford F350

Electrical and Instrumentation Company working on PLC

Battery Operator

H2S Safety Consultant

Pilot Truck with USA miles

Instrumentation control tech with work in Texas

Gas Plant Operator X2

BOP Pressure testing company

Produced water hauling company


We insure that: Oilfield and Contractors Equipment

At wellheadinsurance.ca we pride ourselves on staying abreast on the current coverage for Oilfield and Contractors Equipment.  We can provide coverage for all types and classes of equipment.  Big or small we can insured it all.  If you’re interested or would like the following coverage: downtime, low deductibles, loss of income and full replacement cost; call or e-mail us today for more details. quotes@wellheadinsurance.ca | 403-318-9325

Ice coverage

Fire 1

Quotes and Policies

We are still in business at wellheadinsurance.ca!  We are ready and willing to help you get the best coverage and have a great customer experience. Try us and you’ll be surprised what we can do.  We may be based in Lacombe, AB; but our reach is growing, thanks to you our customers and clients!  We can review your current coverage and provide a no obligation quote!
quotes@wellheadinsurance.ca | 403-318-9325


We have helped many people even in the down turn.

Measured While Drilling (MWD) supervisor

Pipeline Construction Supervisor

Drilling Rig Supervisor

Contract Operator for an oil Battery

Offshore drilling supervisor – Ivory Coast. Including Kidnap Coverage

Coil Tubing Supervisor

Heavy Duty Mechanic; shop and vehicles

Solids Control and Drilling Fluid Technician

Frac Sand Hauler; 2012 Kenworth – high cargo and Non-owned Trailer coverage

Pigging Maintenance and supervisor for SAG-D plant shutdowns

Gas Plant production operator

Instrumentation technician and supervisor

Drilling rig supervisor


We Insure That: Lift Kits and Rig Trucks

We know what it takes to get your truck to the patch and back home again.  Does your current provider?  Have your lift kit, suspension, tires and rims covered with added protection from our exclusive insurance providers.  We can also provide higher limits for loss of use, claims forgiveness, and waiver of depreciation for new trucks.  If your truck looks like this, and works hard, we can make sure it keeps working hard after a claim.  Call or e-mail for your free no obligation quote!

quotes@wellheadinsurance.ca | 403-318-9325


More Quotes and Policies

I still can’t believe the over whelming response from you guys asking for quotes on your businesses and vehicles.  I truly appreciate the opportunity and want to thank everyone for making our First year a great success.  To see your operations on this list give me a call and make the switch.
quotes@wellheadinsurance.ca | 403-318-9325

Site Supervisor – pipeline construction

Lease site landscaping and snow removal

Instrumentation Control tech on PLC systems

Water / Oil Separation

Company man – drilling rig supervisor in Chad, Africa

Blow out preventer service, testing and certification

Lease site weed spraying including over-spray

Lease site prep with mobile equipment

Battery Operator X4

Crude hauler PIN 1267, with 1MM Pollution coverage and 2010 Pete, Non owned trailer

Workover and Completions consultant X4

Equipment design – Snubbing Units

Directional drilling consultant

Hydro-seeding and lease site maintenance

Geo-thermal consultant at geo-electric plants incl USA operations

Welder B-pressure with 2012 Ford F350

Pipeline Construction Supervisor

Gas and Oil well owner Incl pollution

Pilot Truck with USA radius


We Insure That: Battery Operators

wellheadinsurance.ca is pleased to announce yet another partnership with one of our oilfield insurance companies. We now have the ability to quote and bind experienced battery operators on a new package with greatly enhanced coverage. We are able to provide instant quotes on basic wellhead and general liability insurance of up to $5,000,000.

Other enhancements include: (subject to terms and conditions)
Limited Pollution $1,000,000
Forest Fire Fighting $1,000,000
Fishing Expenses $50,000
Underground Property $100,000
Tools and Laptops $25,000

Call or e-mail today to see if you qualify for the new standard in Battery Operators Insurance coverage.

quotes@wellheadinsurance.ca | 403-318-9325

We Insure That: Commercial Auto Insurance

From the job site pick-up to big heavy haulers we have great programs for commercial trucks.  If your current insurance company does not cover them, or if you’re waiting more than 2 days for a quote, give us a call or e-mail.  We can usually provide a quote the same day.  Be sure to advise us if you have a lift and other upgrades, we can usually get the covered but need to know the value.

We can even quote those that don’t have stellar driving records; be it claims or tickets.

Payments are available.

quotes@wellheadinsurance.ca | 403-318-9325


More quotes and policies

Hey Guys, even though rig counts are down, CAODC still estimates 6,660 wells drilled.  The industry isn’t dead.  We’ve already helped many clients save on their oilfield insurance premium.  We can offer flexible insurance coverage options.  Give a try for your renewal.

Stacked Rig Coverage, Low Utilization – 8 drilling rigs

Frac-sand fleet with 30 heavy trucks

Work over and completions supervisor

B-pressure welder and rig (x3)

Directional drilling supervisor

Battery Operator

Tool Crib manufacturer

Oilfield Electrical contractor with PLC work, 2012 GMC / 2014 f150 FX4

Ice Road Builder in Fort McMurray with 5 heavy trucks

Battery Operators (x4) with trucks – company was sold and the guys were hired back as contractors

Oilfield Instrumentation Tech with PLC work, 2007 Chev 1500

Hot Oil Service company with 6 heavy units


Quotes we’ve done

Another sampling of quotes and policies we at wellheadinsurance.ca have been asked to do.  These lists are not exclusive and we have the capacity for more.

Line Locator with 2012 Ford F250

Site Supervisor

Boiler Service with 3rd class steam ticket

Centrifuge Technican and repair – no oilfield experience

Gas Plant operator – x2

Battery Operator – new to oilfield

Water hauling with 2002 Kenworth T800

Security Guard – on site watchman

Pipeline construction foreman –  dual 16″ pipe

Plant operator – new to oilfield

Well Testing

30 Gas plant operators under contract

Environmental testing and sampling with E&O coverage